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17 Dec

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Movie release date for Mexico

9 Jul

According to Los Juegos del Hambre Mexico (a fansite for spanish speakers), the movie’s release date is the same as in the US. El 23 de Marzo del 2012! They received verification from the movie’s  distributor in Mexico (Videocine). Here it is from them in Spanish:

Debido a los mensajes que nos han estado llegando sobre la fecha de la pelicula en México, nos hemos dado a la tarea de preguntarle a VIDEOCINE (distribuidora de la pelicula) la fecha en que se estrenará la pelicula en México a lo que nos contesto en EXCLUSIVA para LJDH México, que tendremos la pelicula en la misma fecha que en Estados Unidos, así que 23 de Marzo de 2012 será el día en que los Tributos podamos ir a verla.

Fantastic Friday- Hunger Games Trailers

8 Jul

New photos of Willow Shields (Prim)

8 Jul





Source: Willow Shields Official Facebook page

MTV: Lenny Kravitz shares a love of fashion with his HG character

7 Jul

Watch video here:

When MTV News’ James Montgomery caught up with Lenny in anticipation of his August release, Black and White America, Lenny noted that like his character, he is big into fashion—for better or for worse.

“I’ve given myself terrible advice at times,” Lenny said about his own sartorial sense. “I like clothes, and I like playing with clothes. Every now and again, you go south. It’s all good. I enjoy fashion as an art.”

 Of course, even with his passion for fashion, Lenny also plans to consult director Gary Ross as to how best portray the beloved character. “We haven’t discussed that yet,” Lenny divulged. “I’ve been thinking about it. I have some inspiration, you know. I’m going to speak to the director, obviously, before I show up and figure this out.”

Lyndsy Fonseca for Johanna?

6 Jul

Here is a recent interview from Cinema Blend in which she talks more about THG:

And not to beat a dead horse, but how about The Hunger Games? Clearly you’re not Katniss, but this is a multiple film franchise and there are many more great roles to be cast, so are you still considering that?
You know, I literally had the most incredible experience auditioning for that because I got to go to the director’s house and Gary was just the nicest – he has a studio in his house and, you know, I played a lot with the casting director and, I don’t know. It was a really fun world to get involved with and meeting him was just – I just felt very honored that I got as far as I did, so I would definitely work with him at some point. He just was lovely, so it was a really fun experience.

Have you read all three books?
Yeah, I have actually. They’re fantastic!

How about Johanna in the next book? I think you should go for that one!
Okay, thank you! Thanks so much! Yeah, my friend Leven [Rambin] is playing Glimmer, so I’m really happy for her.

Jennifer Lawrence is #1 on LoveFilm’s Top 15 actresses under 30

6 Jul


Age: 20
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Credits: Winter’s Bone, X-Men: First Class

An Academy Award nominee for Best Actress at the age of 20, Jennifer Lawrence arrived with a bang as the gritty backwoods daughter forced to grow up too fast in Winter’s Bone. Lawrence was a Kentucky gal herself, but has been acting in New York and LA since the age of 14.

Unlike Hailee Steinfeld, the Coen bros discovery who also picked up an Oscar nomination (in the supporting category) this year, Lawrence has lots of momentum, including a substantial role in the latest X-Men and a supporting turn in upcoming Sundance winner Like Crazy. More than that, she has nabbed the starring role in what some are touting as the next Twilight series – or if you prefer, the pre-teen equivalent to the Millennium Trilogy, The Hunger Games. She’s been cast as Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers to participate in the dystopian version of a reality TV show. Part two, Catching Fire, is already in the works. Before that, we’ll see her playing Elizabeth Shue’s daughter in The House at the End of the Street. That line up is why Jennifer Lawrence has come out of nowhere to top our hot list this year.

Source: LoveFilm

Lenny Kravitz on how he got the role of Cinna

5 Jul

In a Q&A with Details magazine, Lenny talks both Cinna and the book:

DETAILS: Your acting career has been notable too. You had a well-received part in Precious and were just cast in The Hunger Games. Had you read the books?

Lenny Kravitz: I honestly hadn’t heard of them before the director called me. I hope the fans don’t hate me for that. He had seen my work in Precious and called and offered me the part of Cinna, who is the stylist for the main character, Katniss. He saw how I played a caregiver in Precious and figured I might be good for Cinna. I didn’t have to audition, so I’m lucky.

Lyndsy Fonseca talks about auditioning for The Hunger Games

5 Jul

It seemed like once Nikita hit the airwaves it showed people that you could really do action, and then the next thing you know you were being championed to be cast in The Hunger Games.
Yeah! That was really, really, nice of everybody. It was incredible.

How far into the audition process did you actually go?
I went to Gary [Ross’s] house and read with him — he’s just a lovely man. You know, there were just a few of us girls by that point and Gary has a studio in his house, we worked on it for a little bit. But I was just lucky to get that far, to be honest. It was cool to meet with Gary.

Source: Movieline

Danny Elfman and T Bone Burnett confirmed as the score creators

29 Jun

According to The Hollywood Reporter Danny E. and T Bone Burnett will collaborate on the movie score and soundtrack. They also include a statement from Lionsgate:

Veteran producer and 12-time Grammy winner T Bone Burnett (Crazy Heart, Robert Plant and Allison Krauss’s Raising Sand) will team up with award-winning composer Danny Elfman (Alice in Wonderland, Spider-Man) for an unprecedented collaboration. Burnett will also serve as the film’s Executive Music Producer, producing songs for the film and soundtrack.

The Hunger Games is such a special property,” said Lionsgate’s Head of Film Music Tracy McKnight in a statement. “It has worldwide mass appeal, but it’s also sophisticated, cerebral, soulful and rebellious. We needed a composer who can translate these qualities musically, and we have not one but two incredible artists in an absolutely thrilling first time ever collaboration.”